Vacation Care

Vacation Care


Would you like to have Kids Cub Karts or the RAPS Program at your vacation care centre.

Here are a few reasons why our incursions would be something different for your centre.

  • We have 2 programs to choose from: Cub Kart Fun or RAPS for kids (Road Awareness Program)
  • Bookings can be made for our RAPS program for vacation care through our contact page.
  • Our Cub Kart program can also be booked on our contact page 

Our Requirements & Costs:

  • The cost of the CUB KART  ride is $16.00 per child.
  • For a 2 hour booking we require a minimum fee of $500.00 + GST up to 30 kids. Any additional child will be charged per head.
  • We need an area that is at least ½ to ¾ of a basketball court or a similar sized undercover area, as well as a power source if available.


Our incursions offer rides to the kids in battery operated Go Karts inside an inflatable track. We have a numerous amount of karts to suit the number of children you have attending.

From past experience we have noticed that when you advertise Kids Cub Karts will be attending your centre, it often means that your centre will reach its full capacity as it’s something different for the kids.

In contrast to Go Kart riding, we offer our RAPS Program where the children learn about road and pedestrian safety. This program offers a great educational experience as well as a fun go kart ride.