RAPS for Kids was developed in 1998 in response to accidents involving young children as pedestrians in NSW. Two years later the RAPS program commenced in primary schools. To date, the RAPS program has attended over 240 schools, involving approximately 25,000 children.

RAPS for Kids is committed to the promotion of pedestrian safety for school age children by fostering awareness of the dangers of being a pedestrian. It also provides them with direction to become and remain safe pedestrians.

RAPS_img01By actively participating in the RAPS program and with the promotion of the STOP-LOOK-LISTEN-THINK emphasis, it is envisaged that these children will become safer pedestrians.

The RAPS incursion program is designed to complement any already established school Road Safety Programs. The program promotes learning by both practical and written experience.

Practical experience involves role play in a simulated traffic situation. RAPS for Kids is a mobile traffic course consisting of working traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, “children crossing” signs and flags as well as “lolly pop” signs. This gives the children a replica of a real life situation within their school environment. We charge a low cost of $12.00 per child minimum cost of 128 children including a road safety certificate for each child.


For full program details and bookings please email us through our contact page. Booking now for 2020