We own and operate a business that provides both fun and educational experiences for school aged children. The benefits of having a mobile business is that we come to you; whether it be to your backyard, your school, your vacation care centre or a market/event near you.

RAPS for Kids is an interactive road and pedestrian safety program that we run for school aged kids. We come to your school as an incursion, making it convenient for you and fun and educational for the kids. RAPS has been running for 16 years in approximately 210 schools where over 20,000 kids have participated. Our aim is to help kids become more aware of road and pedestrian safety so that they can replicate those actions in real life situations. Talk to your school about this program today.

Kids Cub Karts is a fun activity for kids aged 4-14 that can be operated at a market, a festival or hired for a birthday party. We teach kids skills that create confidence and improve their hand/eye coordination. For details and more information please see our page directory.